top 10 gayest killers’ songs


10. the ballad of michael valentine: literally just a song about how cool this guy is

9. midnight show: “DRIVE FASTER BOYYYYYYYY”

8. sam’s town: wanting to get out of your hometown is gay culture at it’s finest

7. on top: i mean………… it’s called…………

6. read my mind: not even explicitly gay but could you even imagine a song this good being about straight people? + “a subtle kiss that no one sees”

5. bones: the juxtaposition of sneaking away on the back roads and clarifying that “i don’t really like you” vs the reassurance of “it’s only natural.” the confession of “i never had a lover / i never had a soul / i never had a good time.”

4. mr. brightside: the ambiguity of the jealousy making it gay no matter the gender of the person singing is like… the definition of iconic. the jessie’s girl of this generation.

3. when you were young: the experience of “this isn’t what i pictured for myself but like. yeah. it makes sense.”

2. somebody told me: if you’re bisexual and you ever listen to any song other than this you die immediately

1. andy you’re a star: i don’t know where to begin with this one since every lyric is literally unambiguously gay. the restraint on the “hey shut up.” the facade of indifference on the first “in the car with a girl / promise me she’s not your world” vs the desperate outburst and almost-voice-crack on the second one. the vivid memories of your first unrequited middle school crush every gay person gets when listening to it. the killers singlehandedly invented gay rights thanks for listening