She’s had a gay bar in Mississippi for 20 year…

She’s had a gay bar in Mississippi for 20 years. And she thinks Gen Z needs a lesson in LBGT history.:


“When Trump made office it put the fear back into the idea of it all. These kids were feeling fear for the first time and had never been touched. Why? Because we worked so hard to make sure they were never touched.”

This is Lynn Koval. She’s owned a gay bar in Biloxi, Mississippi for over twenty years.

I started writing down quotes from this interview, but eventually gave up because I SWEAR every single thing she said was quotable. She talks about the challenges of building intergenerational community, the continued importance of gay bars, knowing our history, and her hope for our future. Listen to her. It’s such a breath of fresh air to hear people covering LGBTQ issues and history in the American South. We don’t all live on the coasts, y’all.