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why the fuck does kimberly get less coffee

get rid of jeffrey and keep his mug

This is the perfect visual metaphor for heterosexuality.

dont gays have a power bottom thing? not everything is an attack against women. its supposed to be the moon and the sun. a super old ancient metaphor for men and women since forever. is it an equal metaphor? no i suppose not, since without the sun the moon doesnt shine. its old fashioned which doesnt agree with modern notions of equality necessarily but its a sweet old fashioned thought. the sun shines for the moon and makes its beauty known to the whole world. the sun doesnt hide the moon or demand anything from the moon, it just glorifies everything about it.which is how a man should be in a relationship: a sun to brighten the moon. 

dont gays have a powerbottom thing?


I can’t believe this post only has 108k notes when he is probably the most referenced straight nonsense yet

I had legit forgotten the origins of ‘don’t gays have a powerbottom thing?’ This is like living history