That’s a wrap!



Hey y’all! I’m real sorry about this, but I’m shutting this blog down. School is demanding more and more of my time, and my mental health is not great. So I’m stopping.

This blog will be deleted as of April 1st, 2018. Auspicious date, I know, but it isn’t a prank or anything. 

It’s been super fun providing y’all with some good, gay humor, and I’ve really liked the friends I’ve made. So! I’m not logging off, just stopping this blog. My new username is buteojamaicensis, and that blog will be up and running soon.

Again, super sorry for the short notice! I just decided a few hours ago and I want to get it out there before I lose my nerve!

Gracias, homies! Sayonara! 

And @buteojamaicensis is all set up! Is there anything on it yet? No! But there will be!