lgbt-ee: The Belarusian project “LGBT-Twins” …


The Belarusian project “LGBT-Twins” is a comprehension of that unique experience of mutual support that LGBT-Twins have. Loneliness (especially in the family) is the most common problem for people who aren’t heterosexual and/or cisgender. The stories of the heroines and heroes of this project show that understanding and support are a necessity for any child, teenager and adult. The presence or absence of this support affects not only the relationship that a person has with the world, and their self-esteem, but also the level of internal homophobia.

Furthermore, we wanted to draw attention to the discrimination that LGBT people experience in post-Soviet countries, the early experiences of the heroes, who grew up without a wide access to information. Reflectivity and awareness are also determined by geographical specifics – when moving a lot of the heroines and heroes felt themselves to be stronger and more free, they got access to information important for their identity and cultural resources.

1st image – “My sister is important to me. She is the most important person in my life. I am very scared that our relationship might go bad.”

2nd image – “Growing up with a twin sister is growing up with a best friend. No one can be closer to you, neither your mom, nor your dad or your friends.”

you can support this project through their vk page (which is in russian)