thenkeepgoing: Lesbian couple unknowingly bot…


Lesbian couple unknowingly both bring engagement rings on zoo trip and propose to each other-CBS News

When one Tennessee couple went to the Memphis Zoo on Friday, they each had a secret plan to pop the question.

The Memphis Zoo is a special place for Becky McCabe and Jessa Gillaspie, because they’d gone their on their first date. When they went there with friends on Friday, McCabe had arranged for one of their pals to videotape the proposal.

The couple, surrounded by their friends, posed for a photo in front of the zoo. As one friend took their picture, another friend began filming in anticipation of the big moment.

McCabe held a ring behind her back and told Gillapsie she loved her. Then, dropping to one knee, she opened the ring box and asked “Will you marry me?” The whole time, Gillaspie cried tears of joy.

But instead of answering the question, Gillaspie turned around, grabbed her purse, and started digging around for something.

“Oh my God!” she exclaimed. Gillaspie pulled out another ring box.

McCabe, still down on one knee, immediately began laughing. Gillaspie had planned all along to propose to her, too.

Gillaspie opened the ring box and showed McCabe the ring she had planned to propose with — before McCabe beat her to the punch.

I didn’t see this on here and it was so cute I thought I’d share it.