The way people are responding to David Cage telling them that their favorite white twink isn’t gay is both infuriating and hilarious

Like you mean to tell me these people could look over literally every other issue within the game. The overt anti-black racism, the misogyny, the lesbophobia/homophobia, the fetishism of child abuse, the fact that they literally added a patch where you could own your own damn slave was all just minor inconviences to the fanbase (or outright ignored).

But it’s David Cage telling the fanbase that Conner isn’t gay is where the line is drawn.


But David “Let’s Make The Lesbians Prostitutes in Bikinis That You Can Kill” Cage was just so trustworthy. It’s a complete shock.

You mean to tell me David “Have The White “Progressive” Tell A Black Man That He Deserves To Be A Slave” Cage is a bad guy with shit morals?