as someone who legitimately spent obscene amounts of my time and energy fighting off TERFs in this website and dunking on them and finding new and creative ways to make them look like shit I’m gonna tell you the truth that it’s fucking uiseless: it doesn’t matter how thoroughly you humiliate these people, how much you make them come off as complete fucking losers (which many of them are), because every single thing you do against them is something they can frame into the grand victim narrative their ideology is based on. the best way you can fight off terfs (and this is something cis people should be doing) is serial deplatforming, blocklists, and going and ensuring that you block any terfs who show up in your notes. if you need to attack the ideology, attack their beliefs without giving them notes, and do this actually in a comprehensive manner that isn’t just “lol terfs are dumb” and please specially refrain from reblogging their giant anti-trans posts with just some kind of one liner own against them: you’re just giving them exposure and helping them spread their beliefs around.

any post you can make that’s like “haha reblog this to piss off a terf!” is worthless in the face of what actually and truly pisses them off the most: discovering that they’re doing absolutely nothing but screaming into the void because thousands of people have blocked them with no engagement. these people have taken the same stance towards getting mass blocked as twitter alt-righters do (ITS A VIOLATION OF MY FREE SPEECH!) and this is for a reason.