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hey so I'm a biromantic asexual girl and …

hey so I'm a biromantic asexual girl and I just figured all this stuff out like a week ago lol but I feel like I should tell my family this month since it's Pride and all so any advice for how to come out?

– send them this song: 

– send them this song:

– hang a pride flag over your door and let them figure it out

– just sit them down and tell them

– write them a note

– spell it out on cupcakes/a cake

Add on to the list guys!!


Gay culture is when your friend gives you a gay apple and you name it Gapple and raise it as your own

i identify as just an entity of confusion

i identify as just an entity of confusion

Honestly? Same

Hey I was wondering if you could give me some …

Hey I was wondering if you could give me some advice? I’m a bi girl but I tend to like girls more I’m still in the closet though. My mom wouldn’t care about my sexuality but my dad and brother would. I honestly don’t care what my dad thinks he’s a dick anyways. But I’m worried about my relationship with my brother. My brother is basically my best friend but I don’t know if he’ll accept me. He’s always using the word faggot and thinks being gay is a sin

I’d say you should only come out when you feel ready and when you think it’s safe (being safe includes having a backup plan just in case). I’m sorry to hear you’re worried about your dad and your brother supporting you, but if they really love you then they should accept who you are. Your brother will see that if he really does love you unconditionally. If you need someone to talk to shoot me a message!

Dating advice

Dating advice

I’m a lesbian and sometimes I dead ass t…

I’m a lesbian and sometimes I dead ass think I’ll end alone cause I’m not lovable at all lmao I have those insecurities all the time and they scare the fuck out of me

My sweet dear I promise you there are AT LEAST 10000 girls out there who would hear you speak 1 word and think to themselves “this goddess is perfect and I want to know everything about them”. I have insecurities too, and trust me, they do not define you. You are wonderful in spite of them


In class we were making a list of what we want to do in 2018 and number 1 on my list was finally getting a date cause I’m a lonely gay

Hiii~ I was wondering about something. Am I de…

Hiii~ I was wondering about something. Am I demisexual/demiaromatic? I mean, I find people attractive and every once in a while I think about having sex with a person but it's like ehh not really I'd rather be friends first ya know? Plus I want a romantic and sexual relationship with my best friend but only after five years of knowing him, even though I had a small crush on him soon after we first met? Did that even make sense…? I feel so dumb 🙈🙈🙈

Hello love! Finding out where you are on the asexual spectrum can be tricky. I don’t think you’re asexual or aromantic, but there’s always demisexuality and greysexuality.
Demisexuals only feel sexual and/or romantic attraction to someone that they have established an emotional connection with.
Greysexuals only feel sexual and/or romantic attraction on rare occasions with specific people. Has nothing to do with level of emotional connection.
If you’re confused, don’t sweat it. It may take some time to label yourself, and you don’t want to label yourself that’s ok. Best of luck 💜


Me: *sees one of those rainbow things the sunlight makes*

Me: dude same


Whenever I wear something rainbow around the straights I always feel like a secret agent who’s about to blow their cover.

Me: “These rainbow socks are about to tell everyone that I’m not straight….”

The straights: *ligit don’t even notice, talk mainly about potato chips with me*