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April is Autism Acceptance Month!

All y’all are rad and super brave! It’s hard to be queer and autistic at the same time but we’re killing it.

This is also a reminder not to light it up blue this month or support Autism $peaks. Their beliefs are incredibly dangerous and harmful to our community. Wear red instead! Or rainbow.

Hang in there! And as always, I’m here for advice or to answer questions.

-Mod “I’m The Only Mod.”

Our civil rights are on the line RIGHT NOW – w…

Our civil rights are on the line RIGHT NOW – we need your calls!:


In 1990, the ADA gave people with disabilities the legal right to access in our communities. 28 years later, businesses are still trying to avoid their responsibility to their disabled customers by lobbying for a bill called HR 620. This bill would erode our protections under the ADA and make it easier for businesses to keep discriminating against us. The House of Representatives is voting on whether to roll back our ADA rights THIS THURSDAY your Representative needs to hear from you right away!

This bill will put red tape between you and your rights. If it passes, you would have to go through all these extra steps to get a business to fix an access barrier:

  • First, you would have to send a formal letter to the business describing the problem.
  • If your letter doesn’t include all the technical legal language the law requires, it won’t count, and the business can ignore it.
  • After receiving your letter, the business can put off fixing the illegal barriers that exclude disabled people for up to four months before you can sue for your rights.
  • After those four months, a business can still postpone fixing the access barrier with no legal consequences – as long as they claim that they are making “substantial progress” toward fixing it the issue.

Americans count on civil rights laws to fight back against discrimination. Letting Congress chip away at our ADA rights puts other civil rights laws in danger, at a time when we need them more than ever. We all deserve access to the community–no exceptions.

That’s why we need you to call your Representative and tell them to vote NO on HR 620. You can find contact information for your Congressional Representative at Here’s a script you can use:

My name is [Name], and I live in [your town]. I’m [calling/writing] to ask Representative [Name] to vote NO on H.R. 620. People with disabilities need to be able to shop for groceries, stay at hotels, and use other public accommodations. The Americans with Disabilities Act protects our civil rights, and weakening the ADA opens the door to weakening other civil rights laws. It has been 28 years since the Americans with Disabilities Act. Disabled people in our district have waited too long for access – and businesses have had plenty of time to provide it. Please protect the ADA and vote NO on H.R. 620.

If you don’t speak, you can call using your AAC device, or ask a friend to call in and read your message. Want to avoid talking to a person? Call after hours to leave a message on your Representative’s answering machine. If you need more information, check out our factsheet on calling your elected officials! After you call, you can email or fax your representatives using the same script.

The ADA was one of the most important fights our community ever won. We need, expect, and demand equal access, and we refuse to go back. So call your Representative, and let them know: when it comes to our rights, there will be nothing about us, without us!




If someone asks you if your “a Gay/Lesbian/etc” in That Tone™, its okay to say no, especially if saying yes is potentially endangering to you and puts you at risk for ridicule and humiliation.

You’re not denying yourself or misrepresenting the community, you’re protecting yourself and that’s your number one priority.

Don’t feel guilty for keeping yourself safe.

🚨 LAST CHANCE to stop the #TaxOnDisability 🚨

🚨 LAST CHANCE to stop the #TaxOnDisability 🚨:


The Senate just voted to pass the tax bill, putting the health of millions of Americans in jeopardy. The last stop for this bill is the House of Representatives – if the House votes yes, it becomes law. That vote is likely happening THIS MONDAY, so we have no time to lose.

If this bill becomes law, 13 million people could lose their health insurance. It will trigger automatic cuts to vital services like food stamps, special education, and Medicare, and it sets the stage for cuts to Medicaid later on. This is our last chance to stop these things from happening, and the way to do it is by letting our Representatives know what we think.

We need you to contact your Representatives this weekend. Here’s how:

Use to find your Representative’s phone numbers. When you call, you can use our script below, and if you don’t speak, you can call using your AAC device, or get a friend to call in and read your message.

My name is [your full name]. I’m a constituent of Representative [Name], and I live at [your address]. I’m calling to ask the Representative to vote NO on the tax bill and repealing the Affordable Care Act. This bill would take health insurance away from 13 million Americans, and leave the door open to cut Medicaid. Disabled people in our state would lose access to lifesaving health care and be forced into institutions – all to fund a massive tax break for the wealthiest Americans.

People with disabilities like [me/ my family member/ my friends] are not disposable, and our health care is not your trust fund. Please vote AGAINST any tax bills that repeal the individual mandate or otherwise damage the Affordable Care Act. We’re counting on you to do the right thing.

Your Representatives will not have someone answering the phones during the weekend, so when you call, you will not have to speak to a live person. (These calls do get tallied and heard once the weekend is over.)

After you call, look for local rallies. Lots of local organizations will be having events about tax reform and saving the ACA. They need a disability presence. You can also help someone else call.

We know it’s exhausting to watch Congress go after our care, and the services that keep us alive and independent, again and again. We’re tired too – but we can’t stop speaking up for ourselves and for the millions of other Americans this bill will harm. The programs that allow us to exist aren’t slush funds for tax breaks. Services that keep disabled people alive are not excess costs to be cut. Keep calling, and together we can stop the #TaxOnDisability.

If you’re not scared right now about losing ne…







This isn’t my type of post but Net Neutrality is so important.

Forget your page’s aesthetic, share this with everyone you know. Without Net Neutrality, the internet itself would change.

Companies would be able to charge websites if they want them to load faster than others on your computer. This means that they would purposefully bottleneck speeds on every website that doesn’t have the funding to pay for it faster speed. There’s NO reason for this. Are you a small business with a website and can’t afford to pay enough to get faster speeds? Too bad. Are you someone with a personal blog? Slow page loading. Do you want to view a website written by a nonprofit organization for your school project? You’ll have to wait until the page loads because, since they’re nonprofit, they can’t afford to pay enough to cable companies so that their page loads faster.

An alternative to this would be having to pay for faster internet. Internet service should be priced by usage, not speed. For home internet, unlimited use isn’t all that expensive so it’s really common. You wouldn’t want to pay extra for more speed.

This would possibly affect the way that the internet works on other devices such as your phone, gaming system, laptop, tablet, etc.

We NEED Net Neutrality.

If a company doesn’t agree with a specific website, they could purposefully limit traffic to their site. This would be censorship, something that nobody likes.

There are many other reason as to why you should protect Net Neutrality.

This is an issue whether you’re a Republican, Democrat, Left-wing, Right-wing, young, old, male, female, rich, poor, etc.



Guys, also think about he wider costs. Every business, school, hospital, pharmacy, first responder, government service—every single one uses the Internet. So, yes, the individual user will pay more for access, but so will the institutional users. The thing is, the institutional users aren’t just going to eat the increase in costs. They will pass them on to the consumer. They always do.

Education, healthcare, every single product and service, plus your local, state, and Federal taxes, will all GO UP.

Losing net neutrality will affect the cost of every single product and service offered in this country. Every. Single. One.

So what do we do?

Call Congress – 

If you don’t want to or can’t call, text RESIST to 50409 to directly fax them a letter!

Im going to keep reblogging this every time it comes across my dash, and you should too.

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Wow just wow.

What the fuck man

Sources in case y’all want/ need em:

This is real and happening as we speak.

A few thousands people (mostly of African descent) protested in front of the Lybian embassy in Paris this week so that they would acknowledge what their country is doing and take action. Here is a petition you can sign (it’s in french but i think it can also be displayed in english) :és-aux-esclaves?utm_medium=email&utm_source=petition_signer_receipt&utm_campaign=triggered&j=184438&sfmc_sub=289623271&l=32_HTML&u=34203740&mid=7233052&jb=180701

The internet just changed: Net Neutrality is d…

The internet just changed: Net Neutrality is dead.:







Last Wednesday, FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler announced a proposal for new rules that would allow for a “ fast lane” of Internet traffic for content providers who are willing (and able) to pay a fee. [1] The proposal reverses the FCC’s previous commitment to net neutrality and open internet and allows ISP’s like Comcast or Verizon to slow down and censor services that don’t pay the toll.

We have to be totally honest, this situation is seriously grim. But there is still hope. The FCC already knows that the Internet community wants net neutrality, but they think they can put their spin on these new rules and sneak them through. If we can prove them wrong right now with a massive public outcry, we can literally save the Internet once again.

We need to stop the FCC now. Big business groups are already ramping up lobbying efforts with the FCC in swarms since Wednesday’s announcement in support of censoring the open Internet and to ensure this dangerous proposal moves forward. [2]

This is a critical moment. In the last few weeks more than 65,000 people have taken action with us. Can you help us get to 80,000 by the end of the day today?

[1] Gautham Nagesh. “FCC to Propose New ‘Net Neutrality’ Rules”.

[2] Edward Wyatt. Edward Wyatt. “Lobbying Efforts Intensify After F.C.C. Tries 3rd Time on Net Neutrality”


we’re almost ¾ of the way there!! c’mon guys, every bit counts!

will it ever stop

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